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4 Fashion Essentials to Complete Your Closet

Every girl needs a few fashion basics for her closet. These four essentials will help you keep your style on point without breaking the bank. Now just add on a trend to take it up a notch!

1) The Cute...Tee

They’re classic, stylish, and comfortable. Your wardrobe isn’t complete without some playful T-shirts to mix and match! Whether you're repping your favorite band’s graphic tee with a pair of mom jeans and tennis shoes, or going out in a flowy skirt and wedges, having a variety of t-shirts can be a fun way to stay comfortable while showing off your unique taste.

Expert Tip:

Keep a variety of t-shirt sizes. We’re in a blissful moment of fashion where oversized boyfriend tees, fitted tees and crop tops are all fair game. Keep a few different shirts of each size so you can play with your look from casual trips to the gym to date night!  Shop Divine Style T-Shirts.

Cute T-Shirt - 4 Fashion Essentials to Complete Your Closet by Divine Style

2) Pants You Love and They Love *You* Back 

You know those jeans that hug you in all the right places, the ones you’d wear everyday if you could, the jeans that you pray never go threadbare? 

Yeah, you know the ones.

If you want a wardrobe that’s really going to boost your confidence and make getting dressed a more joyful part of your day, we suggest investing in a few pairs of pants that you really love! 

Expert Tip:

Take your time shopping for pants to find the right fit and feel. Pants are not a “one-size” or even “one-design” fits all items. Instead, there’s a huge variety of textures, sizes, shapes and fits to choose from. Next time you shop for pants, consider what makes your favorite pants your favorite. Are they stretchy or stiff, boot cut or skinny? Consider why you love your favorite jeans and look for pants that offer similar characteristics. Find YOUR perfect pant… Shop Divine Style Pants & Bottoms

Pants You'll Love - 4 Fashion Essentials to Complete Your Closet


3) The Anytime Jacket

Do you ever spend so much time picking out the perfect outfit, only to end up having to throw on a jacket that dampens your look? Here in Idaho, where Divine Style is based, you never know what kind of weather each day will bring. A varied selection of jackets makes it easy to dress your best and stay comfortable going about your day. 

Jacket Shopping Guide

Jackets are kind of like shoes in that sometimes you feel like you’ll never have too many. Here’s some of our must-have jacket styles for any wardrobe.  

  1. The Long Jacket
    Long jackets offer warmth, shape and they can be extremely flattering with most figures. Turns out there really was something to that Cake song… “Short Skirt and a Loooonnngg Jacket!”
    The Long Jacket

  2. The Blazer Cut
    This look has been making a major comeback over the last couple of years, and we are loving it! The right blazer can be dressed up or down offering a sense of effortless class and flair to your look. 
    The Blazer Cut

  3. Cozy & Casual
    A well-rounded wardrobe will always offer comfort. Keep a couple of hoodies and cardigans around to keep it cozy. 
    Cozy and Casual Jacket

  4. Jean is Queen
    Who doesn’t love a good jean jacket? Choose from faded, dark, or colorful shades and have fun with this classic style.
    Denim Jacket

Find Your Anytime Jacket with Divine Style


4) A Dress to Impress

Never underestimate the power of the perfect dress selection. Whether it’s a lightweight, breezy and beautiful summer dress, that perfect little black number for a night out, or a maxi dress as comfy as your pjs, a good dress selection is a must. Divine Style hand picks its dresses to have you feeling beautiful on every occasion.

Expert Tip:

Forget the notion that dresses are only for fancy occasions. Dresses can be casual and comfortable, they can be layered with tights and tall boots for cold weather, and they’re an easy way to look and feel your best. Next time you're shopping for a dress, play with the idea of comfort. Shop Divine Style Dresses

Dresses - 4 Fashion Essentials to Complete Your Closet